It’s time to fuel-up!

It’s time to fuel-up!

1 Samuel 30:1-6

Everyone can agree that there are moments in life when people need encouragement to keep moving forward. That should not be a suprise, nor should be percieved as weakness or lack of spiritual maturity, rather as the perfect opportunity to be served, and we all needed. 

King David, during a time when his family, his people and belongings had been taken captive, he was left in a state of deep distress. This expression means to cause or squeeze somoone into great distress; sorrow, anxiety or pain (including emotional pain).

But where do you find encouragement?

In a perfect scenario there would be people, places and things that forster an enviroment of encouragment and motiovation. But whenever in King David’s shoes, when in times of great need everything else has been taken away from you, your surroudings do not look so promising anyomore and your future does not seem optimistacally bright,

¿where do you get encouragement from?

1 Samuel 30:1-6 points not to the right place, rather to the right Person, The Lord God!

For King David, when he searched all over for encouragment, and yet could not find any, he turned to the One that is always ready to lift you up, He is your everpresent help—- “But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.”  The word strengthened refers to the Lord being able to make one be strong, corageous, encouraged and restored in His peace.

Regardless of when and/or the source of your distress, always remember that the Lord your God wants to encourage you, strengthen you and give you peace, Shalom!

Apostolic – Pastor K. Hernandez

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