John 21:15-17

John 21:15-17

Do you love Me?
A question that every person at one point in life has asked. Love, being such a powerful word, yet unfortunately is being etymologically and erroneously used to convey a lesser message of what Love truly is.

The question of love is one of great interest to our Creator God, with the one difference that His notion of love from and towards Him carries a greater and deeper meaning of what Love actually is.  What was the Lord Jesus Christ asking Peter when He said; Do you love Me? Let’s find out through Scripture.

First, let’s look at the priority of Love.  “Simon (Peter), son of John, do you love Me more than these?” It is important to pay attention to the focus of Jesus’ comparative question this first time; “More than these?” When it comes to true love, it must be rooted, and first and most given to God. The type of love God wants to receive from His creation is not one that is equal to everything and anything else we say we love.  Our expression of Love towards God must be greater than our expression of love for family, friends and things.  Think about this for a moment, we cannot love God the same way we love_________________, you fill-in-the-blank. 

What type of love God gives and wants? Two more times Jesus asked Peter this question; Do you love Me?”  This passage uses a play of words to distinguish between the Agapao Love vs. Peter’s love, Phileo, for the Lord. To the Lord, His Agapao Love is the type of love that involves the whole person; meaning the will, the strength, the heart, the soul and personality. A type of love that God has demonstrated to be unconditional; love because of love and not love because of what one can do for us.  For Peter, his expression of Phileo Love speaks of a love that is primarily founded on emotions, but not the will.  It’s more of an affection than everlasting love.

With this understanding in mind, the Lord asks you the same question today; Do you Love Me?

~ Pastor K. Hernandez

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