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With the Apostolic call

Pastor K.Hernandez was called by God with the Devine Mandate to establish and expand the Kingdom of God upon the Earth. With over 10 years in Ministry, Pastor K.Hernandez received the apostolic global call to raise Kingdom Citizens in the form Ambassadors of Christ, filled with the Power and Glory of God, to bring believers to know the Presence of Almighty God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

With God’s Mission, Pastor K.Hernandez received the vision of: Kingdom Evangelism, Affirm by Kingdom Discipleship, Raise and Equip Kingdom Leaders, and Kingdom Commission into the World.

Pastor Korvachei Hernandez

Pastor Korvachei Hernandez

Senior Pastor

Pastor Korvachei Hernandez, also known as Pastor Kobe, and his wife Clara Hernandez are the founders of Jesus the Living Ministries

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